Community Capital Development has provided entrepreneurs access to capital and business assistance since 1997. Our primary financial products are term loans, or small business loans. We offer SBA Microloans in size from $2,500 to a maximum of $50,000. Our NON-SBA term loans range from $2,500 to $100,000, while SBA guaranteed term loans can be up to $250,000. Community Capital Development is a Preferred Lender for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Loan Process

New borrowers must attend a Work for Yourself/Orientation session to learn about CCD's technical assistance, training programs and loan application process.  Work for Yourself/Orientation sessions are held at the Washington Women's Business Center (Seattle/King County).  Our business assistance officers help guide loan applicants through the process by assisting them in developing their business or marketing plans, cash flow and other financial projections, and assembling and completing the required documentation.  Once an application is complete, the business assistance officer submits the loan application to the loan department for consideration.  After submission, the loan application will be reviewed and will either be signed to a loan officer or denied.  Loan officers require several weeks to complete their analysis of the loan application, depending on the complexity of the application.  Once the loan officer's analysis is complete, the loan application is reviewed by a loan committee, and depending on the loan, also by the SBA and either approved or denied.  Once a loan is approved, documents must be completed and signed before loan funds can be disbursed.

Service Area

Community Capital Development provides loans throughout the State of Washington.

Stage of Business

Community Capital Development's Access to Capital Programs focus on providing capital for:

  • A) Startup businesses (0-6 months)
  • B) Businesses under 2 years in operation, not yet bankable
  • C) Established businesses, in operation greater than 2 years, but facing new challenges such as growth and restructuring debt. 

What is your Loan Criteria?

We make our investment decisions based on the following "5 C's of Financing."

  • Character - The owner's business character as reflected on a personal credit report.
  • Capacity - The owner's ability to be successful with the business. Proven by a pristine business plan, thought-out business model, experience in the industry, and solid financial statements.
  • Capital - The owner's contribution of at least 20% of the requested financing amount.
  • Collateral - Acceptable collateral to back the loan in case of default.
  • Cash Flow - The businesses ability to pay its owner, employees, service the debt, while leaving sufficient operating cash.

Uses for Small Business Loans

  • Equipment, Furniture, and Inventory
  • Manufacturing or Technology-Based Production Needs
  • Working Capital - Funds can be used for business operations.
  • Commercial or Mixed-Use Real Estate - Funds can be used to purchase, renovate, refinance, or build commercial or mixed-use real estate projects
  • Franchises - Funds can be used for the start-up or purchase of an existing franchise. The business must be approved by the franchisor.
  • Contract Financing - Loans are available to businesses that contract to provide goods or services. Funds can be used for payroll or to purchase equipment or supplies needed to complete or partially complete a contract.
  • Construction Contractor Receivables - These loans provide accounts receivable financing for businesses that have contracts as Prime or Sub-Contractors with public sector agencies or with large, private, financially sound companies.
  • Cash Flow Restructuring - These loans, available to existing businesses only, help restructure debt to manageable levels that will provide the business with internal capacity to expand

It is the policy of this lender to provide equal opportunity to applicants and to ensure that there be no discrimination against any persons on the grounds of race, color, national origin, political affiliation, sexual preference, age, or sex.